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USB2.0 4-Port Hub with Alarm Clock Ultra Slim and Portable for Laptop Users

Color: WHITE/CLEAR Size\Length: 3inx1in Part No.USBG-5PMB

** Slim 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub ** Connect your USB peripherals 40 times faster than USB 1.1!! This USB 2.0 4-port Hub is perfect for connecting USB 1.1 or 2.0 peripherals such as USB mice, USB Portable Hard Drives, USB CD-R/RW or DVD-ROM drives and USB 1.1 hubs! -> General Features: - USB 2.0 4-Port High Speed Hub - Fully compatible with USB 2.0


  • Fully backwards compatible with USB 1.1 specification
  • Supports Transfer rate of 1.5/12/480 Mbps
  • 500mA each port is reliable up to 15 feet of transmission
  • Support Self-Powered Mode
  • Support Hot plug and play
  • One Upstream port - Four Downstream ports
  • One LED to indicate Hub is ready
  • Four LEDs to indicate per port status
  • Downstream ports have automatic connect and speed detection function plus over-current protection with auto recovery
  • Compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA Mac OS X USB2.0 4-Port Hub with Alarm Clock (Y-203)


  • Provides 4 USB v2.0 Hi-Speeds Ports
  • Fully Compliant with USB v2.0 Specification
  • Supports up to 127 Hi-Speed Devices
  • Attaches clock and alarm clock function With individual USB v2.0 cable
  • Flashes seven colors neon light in the screen
  • Supports Data Transfer Rate at 1.5/12/480 Mbps
  • Individual Port Over-Current Protection
  • Friendly & Ergonomic Design, Easily Portable
  • Provides up to 500mA port
  • Sufficient for Diverse Devices Power Adapter
  • Included (SV/2.6A Output) Plugs & Plays Installation
  • Support Windows 98/98se,2000, ME, XP Advantages

Packaging Details:


  • Pcs /Carton: 50
  • Carton Size: 46*30*30cm
  • N.W: 5.0 KGS
  • G.W: 6.0 KGS

USB 2.0 Hub / Alarm Clock / Clock / EVERYTHING! Time in am/pm or 24hrs. Alarm Clock (Arm/Disarm, loud on/off) am/pm/24hrs Date Stopwatch 4 Port USB HUB Directions. The "M" button allows you to toggle through the various displays offered by the clock and allows for editing.

The "S" button allows you to toggle through the various displays offered by the clock without the editing. Beginning with the display of the current time, you may toggle through the various displays and view their current settings by simply pressing the "S" button.

This button will display each feature with each click. Beginning with the current time you may move to the alarm, the date, and end in the stopwatch. When viewing anything but the current time, after toggling with the "S" button, the "M" button is disabled. To Use the features the "M" button offers, you must first return to the display of the current time.


Beginning with the display of the current time you may toggle through and edit the time, date, alarm clock and stop watch using the "M" button. With each click of the "M" button you move to a different editing sector. Using the "M" key is strictly for changing any settings. ALARM: To edit the alarm simply press the "M" button 1x. You will see the entire display blinking. While you are on this display (with the full alarm time blinking) you may turn the alarm on or off by pressing the "S". Press it once, this enables the alarm. When the alarm is enabled, you will see the "bell" below the time. When the alarm is off, the bell will not be displayed. With another press of the "M" button you move to the hour. To edit the hour press the "S" button. You will toggle through the 12hr AM and 12hr PM. To edit the minute press "M" again. You will see the Minutes begin to flash. To change the minutes press "S" and you will toggle "00-59". The alarm can be set for a 24HR time only when the current time is set for a 24HR clock (see below for instructions on changing time). DATE: To edit the date, press the "M" button 4x. The date will not blink like the alarm. You will see a number (1-12) favoring the left side for the display. This is the month. You may change the number indicating the month by pressing "S". Once selected you can now move to the Day. Press "M". Now you can edit the day. Toggle through the days (0-31) using the "S" button. Once you choose the appropriate day you can now move on to editing the time. TIME: Press "M" 6x. You will see the ":" blinking. You can now edit the time beginning with the Hour. Using "S" you can choose 12hr AM, 12hr PM or 24HR. You will see a letter to the right as you toggle through the hour. A, P or H. These letters indicate AM, PM or 24HR. Once you have the hour set you may move to the minute by pressing "M". Toggle through the minutes (00-59) until you select the appropriate time. Once you set the correct time you will press "M" once more. This will display the time without a blinking ":". To officially set the time, press "M" once more. The ":" will now begin to blink. EXTRAS: Stop Watch: To use the stop watch, press "S" 3x. You will see the stop watch begin to count from 0. To reset the watch back to 0, press "M". To hold the watch at 0, hold "M". To exit, press "S" Hour indicator: To enable the hour indicator feature press "S" 1x. You will see the alarm time begin to blink. Now press "S" 2x. This will set the alarm as well as the Hour Indicator. To remove the alarm, but keep the Indicator, press "S" once more. To remove the Indicator, simply press "S" again. Alarm: To set off the beeping at any given time, simply press both "S" and "M". The alarm will sound until you let go.

Compatibility:  ITEM DESIGNED and Tested with OPERATING SYSTEM
Item Works with MAC Operating System OS 9.1 or Higher    Item Works with Windows ME  Item Works with Windows 2000  Item Works with Windows XP    Item Works with MAC Operating System OS 9.1 or Higher 
TECH NOTES: Mini USB 2.0 4 Port hub, cool look!
Manufacturer: USBGEAR
Warranty: ONE YEAR
In-stock: Yes
Size\Length: 3inx1in
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